Why Are We Doing This?

One of the biggest challenges for local musicians is to find venues that want to hear ORIGINAL music. Most venues want all their favorites and the artist becomes a cover band for its audience. This dulls the inspiration that can be a gift from our local talent and we lose music that is born from the soul of the artist. We want to provide a space that will allow creativity to flow, to share DFW's artistry and with luck, blast it to a national audience.

By establishing the podcast for our Wednesday night Songwriter Showcase, our musicians will find a space to share the music on a national stage. It will be an opportunity to meet with other artists and network with them, and for those new to the stage, you will have a sounding board for your ideas.

What happens when you get several talented people in a room together? Creative Synergy! We look forward to sharing this Wednesday evening with you soon!

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