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Binions Ice House - This is a new hot spot located in the heart of Downtown Arlington, Texas. It is the host venue of our event and podcast.


Jennifer Savage Hurley - Your local podcast host, Savage Hurley is an Arlington native who has performed around DFW since she was 19 years old. These days she spends her time focusing on as many creative aspects she can while supporting local small businesses around the Arlington area with her group Arlington Foodies, which hosts over 20K people. Additionally, she hosts 2 local Farmers markets, one in Pantego, TX at Bicentennial Park and one in Downtown Arlington at Binions. More info about the markets at

Daniel Katsuk - Our host and local talented musician, KatsüK has written and performed (in Denver) for the Off-Broadway production The Portal, a Modern Shamanic Journey and has played numerous music festivals, retreats and venues across the world, sharing the stage with such esteemed and varied acts as Spoonfed Tribe, Colin Hay (from Men at Work), Nahko & Medicine for the People, Galactic, Ziggy Marley, Peter Yarrow, Polish Ambassador, Ozomatli, Rising Appalachia, Kan'Nal, Rebirth Brass Band, Trevor Hall, Los Lonely Boys, Cas Haley, Cowboy Mouth, Guy Forsyth, and Brave Combo.   Along with touring and recording with the musical group KatsüK, Daniel is a voice actor for FUNimation, where his music has been featured in the animated series Dragonball Z, Case Closed, and Full Metal Alchemist.  

Charles Gaby - Local DFW singer, songwriter and author and our second host, Gaby started  playing bars and festivals across the south in the early 80s. He spent years playing everywhere from the beach bars of Florida to The Bitter End in Greenwich Village in New York City. His return to performing live in 2018 stems from a fountain of new material that continues to flow and find an audience. He is known for creating songs on the fly with just a few words contributed by the crowd. In 2018 he began a collaboration with Daniel Katsük that has culminated in a group called Monks of Symbiosis that will be booking tours in 2022. Gaby is also a retired psychotherapist and author of "Choosing to Evolve - A User's Guide to Waking Up."

Monks of Symbiosis - Daniel KatsüK and Charles Gaby perform together in a band including Troy Williams, SteveO, Andy Weaver and others. Based out of Willow Park, TX, Monks of Symbiosis is a world beat folk exploration.


Gary Devlin -  Featured Artist Performance 11/23/2022

Cassandra May Lorance - Featured Artist Performance 12/14/2022



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