Podcast Details

The Podcast is an exciting, new way for Binions to share some of the most talented musicians in DFW. If you are joining us for a "Live At Binions, Wedesday Night!" Podcast, there are a few requests from our audience during recording time.

The event is hosted from 8PM-11PM, but the podcast is only an hour long between 8:30pm-9:30pm. During the performances, because we are recording, we ask that talking is quieter or taken outside. This shows respect to our musicians and will help us to get a clean take for our podcast. Between songs, you are welcome to cheer it up and do all the Hootin' and Hollerin' you would like.

There is a possibility you will be seen on our podcast, we won't ask you questions unless you agree and at that time you will be asked to sign a photo consent form found below. 

Enjoy, I know we are asking you to lower the vocalization of our audience for an hour, but it is for a good reason, to help promote and share this local scene of notable talent. After All, don't they deserve it?

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