Mass Hate Podcast

The Mass Hate Podcast is hosted by Ethan Massey and produced by Wyatt Hill. Hosting mostly about touring musicians and local DFW band members about their careers in the industry.  

Featured episodes

Clay Aeschliman - Polyphia


 We sit down with our old friend/drummer, Clay Aeschliman from Polyphia to talk about old times, tour life, and shitting outside with your pets.

Click Here to Watch Episode 8 

Bobby Lynge - Fit for a King


 Bobby Lynge is the guitarist of the metalcore band, Fit for a King! We sit down to talk tour stories and learn about his plant shop, GROW. 

Click Here to Watch Episode 11

Andrew Patterson - And Hell Followed With


 Andrew is the vocalist for the band, And Hell Followed With!
Enjoy the episode. 

Episode 16